The 'La Combi' by Era Arquitectura

Designed by Eduardo Munera (Era Arquitectura, @arquitecturaera)
Located in Envigado, Colombia.
Photos by Carlos Vélez (@carlosvelezphoto).
Description by Era Arquitectura.
Year: 2020.
Area: 480 m².
Era Arquitectura design team, chief architect Eduardo Munera, design team Manuela Lopez, Carolina Rojas, Valentina Chacón. Client, young couple, planning to have kids soon, loves nature, plants.
Took 13 months of construction, with the pandemic pause in the middle, the project started on september 2019 and was completed on october 2020.
Everything went as planned, the construction didn't have any inconveniences, only a 2 month standby due to covid 19 pandemic. We usually work beside the constructor so we have all details, bids and materials clear.
The general contractor was in front of everything, lots of coordination, professional teams in every area of the house for efficiency in resources and time. Traditional construction of concrete, masonry and shingle.
We design with passion, we understand the context, our clients, their needs. We love team work with all contractors and we love to have the client always filling that its dream is a reality. For us, residential architecture is to project our clients mind in spaces worthy of feeling, living, experiencing.
"Each new situation requires a new architecture." — Jean Nouvel.