The 'NYC Bathroom' by Bampi 3D Studio

Designed & visualized by Nathália Magalhães Bampi (Bampi 3D Studio, @bampi.3dstudio).
Description by Nathália Magalhães Bampi.
Year: 2020.
Area: 15 m².
The project was developed by the designer and 3D artist Nathália Magalhães Bampi. The ‘NYC Bathroom’ was my first authoral project completely developed in 3D software. After months of study in the Archivz area, I've decided to explore what I've learned in a concept bathroom that has as purpose the reconnection with nature while living the metropolitan life.
The bathroom is an intimate and reserved place where we can stay by ourselves for a while, immersed in our own thoughts. We do not always have time to enjoy a moment of peace and relaxation during the chaos of urban life. My intention was to show the contrast between the urban and the natural in a spacious ambience where people would like to be transported to. The use of wood was essential to provide a warmth feeling to the bathroom and the vertical garden brings a wellness feeling. The perfect combination for a relaxing moment while you enjoy a nice view of the city.
The main challenge was finding a balance between my own expectations with the final result of the project and the feeling I wanted to transmit with the images. I strongly wanted that this project turned out imponent, warmth and luxurious and, above all, looked realistic. I wanted the public to feel inside the composition. It took many lighting, material and finishing tests until I finally reached the result I felt was satisfactory and befitting with the original purpose.
I would say that the best definition of this project is the reconnection with yourself through a natural environment located in the middle of the city.
"No bird soars too high if he soars with his own wings." — William Blake.