The 'LALO' by SculpIT architecten

Designed by Sculp.IT architecten (
Located in Antwerp, Belgium.
Photos by Luc Roymans Photography.
Description by Sculp.IT architecten.
Year: 2014.
Area: 497 m².
The clients wanted to have that connection and a more modern approach in connection with the old details. We broke down the rear part of the building to make this connection on the same level, and give the house a nice view to the garden from the different floors.
A town house ready for the next century. The façade keeps its historical function and bourgeois radiance, neatly in line. The contrast with the rear is ample. All incorrect additions are replaced by a unit of space and light. Daylight and contact with the garden are introduced.
Each window (with frame) has a weight of 2 tons and their dimensions are 3x6 meters for the two doors and 6x3 meters for the third one above.
"Give light, and the darkness will disappear of itself." — Desiderius Erasmus.