The 'Hoodoo House' by Bartosz Domiczek

Designed & visualized by Bartosz Domiczek (@bartoszdomiczek) from Bielsko-Biała, Poland.
Description by Bartosz Domiczek.
Year: 2019.
Area: 720 m².
The aim of the project is to explore the idea of virtual architecture within the pristine group of hoodoo rock formations. This specific context wouldn’t allow for integration of any kind of real built environment due to its fragility. This makes the computer-generated environment the only way to experience it.
The project is inspired by the location of Utah, USA. It is embedded in the bedrock among the characteristic tent rock formations.
'Hoodoo House' is articulated so as to support the natural circulation of the cooled air from the shaded water basin area. The protruding white vents are the visual commentary on surrounding geology and allow to bring diffused light into the recessed rooms.