Designed & visualized by ANTIREALITY (@anti__reality) from Poland.
Description by ANTIREALITY.
Year: 2021.
Area: 750 m².
Circular Villa was designed as an architectural experimentation initiated by Antireality. There was no client involved in the process. The goal of the project was to explore new architectural ideas in a virtual space of 3D.
Circular Villa is a conceptual design not meant to be realized in real life. The purpose of this project was to create a summerhouse for a short term rental. It is a weekend getaway destination for a family or a group of friends. It is a quiet place to escape the city. The design of the house allows close interaction with the surrounding nature and provides a view of the breathtaking coastal scenery. It is a great holiday destination.
The project is designed as a concept/utopia inspired by a Hawaiian landscape and climate. A location is a form of recreation and reinterpretation of an environment of the Hawaiian coastal cliff. The tropical coastal location of the project played a major role in the concept development. The key to this project was to provide a feeling of balance and integration between outdoor and indoor areas. The tropical climate was a really important factor while designing the shape of the house. High temperatures allowed to move part of the house function to the outdoors which helped to blend the exterior and the interior together.
The project is a CGI and tool used to create it were Rhino 3D, V-Ray and Photoshop.
The 'CIRCULAR VILLA' is a conceptual design of a summer house situated within a cliff recess. The key to this project was to design the house that shape integrates into the structure of the rocky landscape. The white and abstract volume of the design fits within the cliff niche simultaneously does not create a direct geometrical connection.
The name of the building refers not only to the shape of the central spiral staircase (leading to the circular roof pool) but also pertains to a general circular motif used throughout the entire project. A breakthrough view of the surroundings provoked the idea of the observatory-like house. The central circulation core rises up like a tower with all the house zones built around it. Terraces constitute a significant part of each of the floors which contain viewing platforms for watching the surrounding wildlife. Thanks to the dry and warm climate, 'CIRCULAR VILLA' challenges the concept of division between outdoor and indoor. Terraces and the main circulation core connect different zones of the building, this creates a natural flow between indoor and outdoor areas. The roof terrace is topped by the circular pool allowing users to enjoy a panoramic view of the surrounding.
"The world of reality has its limits; the world of imagination is boundless." — Jean-Jacques Rousseau.