The 'Laneway Muse' by TYPE-D Living

Designed by Charley Bunker & Damon Snider (TYPE-D Living, @damonsnider_).
Located in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.
Photos by Paul Johnston (@uniqueurbanhomes).
Description by Damon Snider.
Year: 2018.
Area: 223 m² (2400 ft²).
The house was designed by my mother and I, and we enlisted Charley Bunker (architect) to bring the vision to life. I took the lead in developing the fine details of the space and oversaw the construction from start to finish, while also fabricating many of the custom design elements myself. The laneway house was purchased by my family in 2016.
We built this house for my parents with the intention to keep it, but after it was finished it got so much buzz that we ended up listing it for sale and got a substantial offer that we could not refuse.
We acquired the property in 2016 and spent some time planning the build-out. The house was originally built in 1899 and was used as a horse stable, so we had a lot of designing to do in order to turn it into the modern two-story building that you see today.
The project is located in the heart of the city in Yorkville, Toronto. It is considered a pretty elite part of Toronto and is home to many established people. The house is tucked in a small private laneway behind some low rise commercial buildings, and backs on to some multi-million dollar homes.
The project was executed very meticulously as we had difficulties bringing material in due to the limited space on the property to store and build. Each building trade had to be scheduled back to back rather than working simultaneously because of limited parking, limited room, and complex construction.
The project was definitely one of the more challenging ones that I’ve taken on. It took much longer than expected, cost more to build due to its unique design, and tested the limits for maximizing building structure while ensuring a certain amount of green space remained. There were challenges across the board but with careful planning the result came out better than anticipated.