The 'SOPOT House' by 33bY Architecture

Designed by Ivan Yunakov (33bY Architecture,
Located in Sopot, Poland.
Photos by Andrii Shurpenkov (@shurpenkov).
Description by 33bY Architecture.
Year: 2020.
Area: 350 m².
We did the whole project with our team, which included the chief architect, two architects, the designer, an engineer and a team of builders. Client is a private person.
The project was designed for a young family of 4 people. The house was conceived as a country house with modern planning solutions of high comfort.
All of our homes go through three stages of design. Conceptual design, working documentation/Engineering and construction and designer supervision. We built this house in 2 years including interior and landscaping.
The house is located in the town of Sopot, Poland.
The design of this house is not a challenging architectural solution, we completed all work on time.
As usual, the most important thing is to get the house done and not stay in the project! Our client started living in the house even before the final work was completed, the project is financially successful, in the future the client plans to create a cottage community based on this project.